How might we improve the public restroom experience?

Think you can come up with creative ways to make the restroom experience better?
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Take part in our Re-Imagining the Public Restroom challenge. This design challenge is part of a research project at the MIT CadLAB studying the creativity of the crowds and the applicability of crowdsourcing to early-stage design processes.

The challenge typically takes 30 minutes and can be completed online. If you choose to participate, we would ask you to:

  1. Complete a short survey about your demographic background, education, and occupation.
  2. Generate one or more creative concepts to improve the public restroom experience

Individuals who submit one of the top 5 concepts will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

The design challenge has ended

Thanks to all of the participants who submitted concepts. Check out all of the submission below.

The Winning Concepts

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